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Research and Development

With our commitment to research and develop new technologies to prevent counterfeiting, we have invented new techniques that are difficult to counterfeit to create defensive barriers in protecting genuine products.
And we will never stop to develop in creating new innovation to be in line with the future. TSP offers counterfeiting techniques. It's recommended that our clients select the right techniques for their own applications for maximum results and worth the investment.. It's also recommended to adopt all necessary techniques to increase complexity and difficulty to the counterfeiting.

Bright Sphere Technique
(Cat's Eye)

Rotating Bright Rings Technique

Techball Technique

Hot Stamp Hologram Technique

Sensitive Void Technique

Markvoid Technique

Watermark Paper

Visible Fibers Technique

Reflecting Fibers Technique

Invisible Fibers Technique

Watermark Technique

Anticopying Technique

Secret Mark Technique

Micro Mark Technique

Micro Lettering Technique

Color Shifting Technique

Invisible Ink Technique

Angle Mark Technique

Running Number Technique

Running Barcode Technique

Other Duplicate Technique