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Trademark Void Sticker

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It is developed from general VOID when take it off, it can be shown the VOID or OPEN but not the specific symbol, and sells in general market that easy to counterfeit. TRADEMARK VOID STICKER is produced to rid the problem; it can be taken out to the trademark, that ensure about TSP the only one owner of production in Thailand.
TRADEMARK VOID STICKER is used for protection counterfeit sticker, protection package opening sticker, warranty sticker, and promotion sticker.
The product which contains TRADMARK VOID STICKER can be confirmed the real product, it is confident about fake product who will take the market share, and can answer the image produce to be over the competitor and gain income stability.
trademark void
- Tamper evidence, self destructed. Appear only " TRADEMARK VOID " when peeled the label.
- General security "MARK VOID" available in the market will be common if compare to " TRADEMARK VOID " special difference because your "VOID" only, no other alike.
- Techniques add to anti»counterfeiting.
- Watermark
- Color Shifting
- Invisible Ink
- Micro Mark
- Micro Lettering
- Secret Mark
- Hot Stamp
- Running Barcode
- Running Number
- Non
- conductor of electricity, suitable for electricity accessories, computer accessories business.
- Easy to clean adhesive residue of ten use to reaffix label.
- Specially hard to imitation or reproduce, anti pilfering, warranty seal.
- Thai Security Printing producer & distributor only in Thailand.
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