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Hologram Sticker

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THAI SECURITY PRINTING provides security hologram product and specializes in custom security at affordable prices with the best quality. We've searched and developed hologram product, in the past (3D laser beam engraved/dot-matrix) standard type (layers with holographic image placed one behind another with visual depth) digital type (kinetic movement beam) now we've update 3 more techniques which is our designed only.
1.Bright Sphere
2.Rotating Bright Ring
3.Tech Ball
Their unique optical create a beautiful impact, distinctive look, clearly and inspiration. Options, can added on hidden text, secret mark, logo or trademark. Provides product authentication, enhances packaging appeal, improves consumer brand awareness. Especially to protect and deterrent to counterfeiting, reproduced.
Typical applications for security hologram. Such as currency, credit card, legal document, drivers license, medications & pharmaceuticals, warranty seals, branded apparel, stamps, giftificates, vcd & dvd, passport, banking, mobile phone, cosmetics, automobile parts, tools, computer accessories, courier, etc.
- Can add Running Number, which easily to check and count the goods quantities.
- Tamper evidence, any attempt to remove the sticker will be self destruct the hologram image.
- Their unique optical properties, are quick and easy to validate can check by naked eye.
- Reduced expense, time system to re-check goods shuffle. Specially hard to imitation or reproduce.
- Multi purpose use. To combat counterfeiting & fakes, to anti pilfering, to warranty, to sale promotion, improves consumer brand awareness, enhances packaging appeal.
- Thai Security Printing is a producer & distributor only in Thailand.
- Bright Sphere Technique, circle round the text in the picture seemingly swelled curve like lens surface from the flat. When light affect the viewing angle create virtual effected.
- Rotating Bright Rings Technique, Which has sharp kinetic movements of dot-matrix & round the circle.
- Tech Ball Technique, able to hidden secret mark or your text, logo in to tiny ball shape.
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