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Corporate Profile

Thai Security Printing Co., Ltd. (TSP), It was established on 6 March 2006, managed by Mr. Amorn Piti, he has the experience on the business management of production and distribution, about the security printing for ten years before. The purpose of TSP’s establishing, for develop the production and distribution business about the security printing, need to be full range and most perfect, started by the studying, research, and development of the security printing, as several of types, ultramodern and prevent from copying as effectively, by the innovation of Thai people. So the security printing are the thing that touchable easily and safety in the development of your business without any concerns.
In addition, the development of the security printing, TSP still has emphasized on the personnel developing, to work with honestly, including, the developing of technology as stay up to date all the time and the developing of the security system for the products and information of the customer, as concurrently.
Now, TSP has developed the security printing in many various types, but it still services by the generally publications together, especially the publication that focused on high quality, by servicing, started from the designing until the delivering to the place as ONE STOP SERVICE.
“guaranteed for the product quality and willing to serve for the urgent work, for making your chance of business as fully.”


Teamwork : Participated in creation of the innovation about the security printing and develop the potentiality of production as incontinent.
Service Mind : Wholeheartedly service, to fit with the customer’s trust.
Professional : Be the professional, deep knowledge, known well, about the security printing.


The fake product’s prevention, support about the developing in the product, create the personnel, add a value of economic and be the dignity of the people in nation.


Required to be the part of enhancing security for the leading product and create the image of country by innovation of Thai people, in affordable price.


TSP has realized well about your information, important to the business competitive, so TSP has assured in the saving of your information as honestly, meanwhile TSP has aimed to develop the innovation of security printing, by remain the best price, quality and service.