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Thai Security Printing Co., Ltd.
Thai Security Printing Co., Ltd. (TSP), It was established on 6 March 2006, managed by Mr. Amorn Piti, he has the experience on the business management of production and distribution, about the security printing for ten years before. The purpose of TSP’s establishing, for develop the production and distribution business about the security printing, need to be full range and most perfect, started by the studying, research, and development of the security printing, as several of types, ultramodern and prevent from copying as effectively, by the innovation of Thai people. So the security printing are the thing that touchable easily and safety in the development of your business without any concerns.
If you think you are the right candidate to create value for Chanwanich Group. Able to help us move forward as a leading manufacturer of anti-counterfeiting printing in the future. We are waiting for you to join us.
HR Department
Email : hr@tsp.in.th
Line : TspHr